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Published: 26th February 2011
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Elvis Jesus is a brand with a history of innovation and experimentation. Where other manufacturers have looked to squeeze every last inch of life from their tired old designs, Elvis Jesus has sought to break the mould with every subsequent collection they have released.

This season they are offering a line of tee shirts and polo shirts that are smart, revolutionary and unique. These are not designs you will get with any other label - Elvis Jesusís trailblazing stance against mediocrity and lazy design gives them a look specific to themselves. This isnít something all designers can claim.

Letís look through a quick cross-section of this collection. Weíre going to kick it off with a glimpse at their grey biker T-shirt. This T-shirt, with its printed skeleton design, conjures up memories of movies like Easy Rider or Two-lane Black Top. Real road films. Itís a very slick, simple design - desaturated and masked against a grey backdrop. An ideal T-shirt for a big night out or a relaxing evening in the pub with your buddies.

Following this is the first of Elvis Jesusís polo shirts. This is the navy Keano polo shirt. By contrast to the biker T-shirt, this is a very vivid item. Neat little touches around the collar - buttons pinning it down to torso - add a little bit of life to this wardrobe essential. There is a set of faux buttons running down the front, tempting us to think that the polo shirt is a shirt and cardigan combination. The buttons run almost to the base of the piece, but stop just short, creating an interesting flicked-up look, with the undershirt piece poking out from underneath.

To line up with the biker T-shirt, Elvis Jesus have also released this polo shirt design in light grey with black buttons. The cool design features carry through from the navy shirt as you would expect, but the overall effect is quite different. This piece is a distinct sort of cool: If you wear the navy polo to the pub, you wear the grey polo to the art gallery, the wine bar, and the exclusive club. Itís a greater class of polo shirt.

It seems that Elvis Jesus have succeeded in their efforts to produce yet another collection that stands out not just from the crowd, but from all their previous stock. No one knows what their imaginative designers will chuck into the mix next year, but one thing is for sure: Itíll be very wearable.

Than is a writer for Sa-kis Online, a great retailer that stocks Elvis Jesus clothing as well as a whole host of other designer clothing brands for men.

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